a window of opportunity

Without Lamb Engineering's innovative approach, a major window company might have failed to maximise sales to their full potential on its most up-to-date range of UPVC house windows.

The client company, which manufactures UPVC products all over the UK, planned to divert all production into its new quality design.

They hit a major snag when it was discovered the new window range was not as easy to install as its predecessor. House building companies opted to stay with the easy-to-fit existing range.

A substitute was urgently needed for the problematic fixing clips used to secure each window frame to the sub-frame. The clips were strong but, even with tools, were too fiddly for speed and convenience. The system also needed time-consuming checking to ensure the windows were solidly in place.

Lamb Engineering's solution evolved after the Technical Team visited construction sites to watch window fitters in action and asked questions about their working methods.

Various prototypes translated into a final product which meets all the client's requirements. Made from 0.5mm thick spring steel, it is only one-fifth of the thickness of the original clip. Its flexibility means it can be simply popped into position by a thumb push which dispenses with tools. A distinctive clicking sound confirms the window is located correctly - without a physical check.

While the clips are light and flexible, the combination of six for each window also delivers a solid window installation.

Lamb Engineering manufactured the multi-operation progression tooling and production continues today at the company premises.

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