We take Quality Management seriously because we want to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the products we make for them.

We also seek to run as efficiently as possible. To facilitate this, the documented procedures of our Quality Management System ensure that we must regularly reassess how best to meet our customers' requirements.

Lamb Engineering's Quality Management System has been assessed and registered by National Quality Assurance Limited (NQA) against the provisions of ISO9002.

In addition to our own internal Quality Audits, NQA monitors our Management System at regular site visits to ensure continued conformance to the standard.

NQA is a Nationally Accredited Certification Body, which ensures that they also work to an internationally recognised standard.

Case Study 3
Without Lamb Engineering's innovative approach, a major window company might have failed to maximise sales to their full potential on its most up-to-date range of UPVC house windows...

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