Problem Solving
is a major strength at Lamb Engineering

Solving customers' problems is what makes Lamb Engineering stand out from companies which offer only conventional manufacturing and engineering services. Building on a 18-year history of providing high quality results, Lamb Engineering has established a solid reputation for finding the quickest route to a solution which is appropriate to the application. Our dedication to finding viable, cost effective answers is increasingly appreciated by a diverse customer base including Blue Chip organisations such as the UK's major utilities and public service companies.

Our business is growing through recommendations passed on by customers who already trust us to respond quickly with a competitive price, generated from either a quick sketch or a fully fledged design. Working in partnership on the project, we produce prototypes quickly and and at reasonable cost. Supported by ISO 9002, we fulfil specifications and designs to the most exacting requirements. We have saved many customers substantial amounts of money by coming up with less expensive alternatives. We have also gained them valuable time by suggesting more practical options for the manufacturing process. Our helpful attitude extends to providing authorative information on materials, processing and even related industrial or supplier contacts.

It is Lamb Engineering's flexibility which enables us to surmount the obstacles brought to us by customers who do not want to be distracted from their core business.

The ability to help customers find appropriate and cost effective answers to their problems is still supported by traditional engineering services covering both metal and plastic production. The range of applications include:

  • Welding and fabrication
  • Sheet metal (including CNC bending and punching)
  • Power Presswork
  • Assembly
  • Repair and maintenance.

Our dedication to delivering competence and reliability is allied to competitive pricing, experienced manufacturing capability and on-time delivery.

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Case Study 1

Automatic vehicle washing machines were playing havoc with the warning beacons mounted on a telecommunication company's giant vehicle fleet. The inspirational solution from Lamb led to the development of a completely new product to overcome the problem...

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